Non-governmental organization "Living can": each of us can save a life


As the effects of land use become visible to the naked eye, and climate change is becoming more and more difficult to deny even for the biggest skeptics, more and more people are consciously choosing to change their lifestyles by forming new eating habits, empathizing with other life forms and reducing consumerism - the opportunity to be alive allows to make rational decisions and create a change that is very important for the future of future generations. Unfortunately, even today, not everyone can live their life with dignity and leave it at its natural biological end - this is exactly what the founders of the newly established non-governmental organization "Gyvi gali" are talking about, who are daily looking for ways to help as many animals as possible.

Activists with many years of experience and specialists from various fields have come together with the common goal of helping animals. "We know how significant even small changes can be if a large group of people take them. Not everyone even thinks about the important impact they make by changing their ingrained habits. We want to support and celebrate everyone who decides to discover the advantages of plant-based nutrition", says the head of the organization, Meda Šermukšnė.

The organization's philosophy is based on the principle of equality - animals are considered as individuals independent of humans, with their own individual personalities, needs, interests, and the desire to avoid physical or psychological pain. All of them exist on their own and are not a product or a tool to satisfy human needs or interests. And although many animals suffer today in various fields, such as laboratories, circuses, the clothing industry, zoos or hunting, the absolute majority of them are consumed for food every year. Therefore, one of the goals of "Gyvi gali" is to popularize plant-based nutrition as an animal-friendly alternative and make it as accessible and understandable as possible for everyone who wants to change their habits.

"Very often after hearing about the diet of a person who does not consume animal products, we start thinking about what we will have to give up: meat, milk, eggs, our favorite cake or morning sandwich," says M. Šermukšnė. - But there is another side to this choice: after completely changing their daily eating habits or including at least a few plant-based dishes in their diet, people discover many more products - grains, vegetables, fruits - or their combinations. I want to invite everyone to see how big and interesting the world of plant-based nutrition can be."

In pursuit of complete freedom and protection of animals, "Gyvi gali" encourages us to take a closer look at what we wear and how we entertain ourselves - not only for the sake of the animals, but also for our own health. "We want to encourage, if there is an opportunity, to choose clothes, shoes, accessories and other products of non-animal origin, alternative entertainment, sports and other activities. We believe that in the near future the protection of animals from exploitation will be established at the legal level", they have no doubt.

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