In Lithuania, the possibility to allocate part of your taxes to non-governmental organizations allows you to allocate your 1.2% to Gyvi Gali. It will not cost you anything and will allow you to effectively ensure that delicious, animal-friendly, sustainable, and healthy plant-based foods would be easily accessible to everyone in Lithuania.

Directions for the use of funds

Gyvi Gali - the first and the only organization in Lithuania that seeks dietary change towards plant-based eating. In order to reach our goal we carry out our activities in three main directions: educating the public, cooperating with businesses, and promoting changes at the institutional level. Donations received from 1.2% will be allocated to:

The development of NORI GALI campaign

We are running a campaign inviting people to meet the world of plant-based eating. It includes running a 22-day vegan challenge, creating recipe books, taking care of the visual identity of the campaign, organizing public surveys and buying advertising to promote the campaign.

The development of restaurant outreach campaign ČIA GALI

We work with restaurants to encourage them to include more plant-based dishes on their menus. For this, we carry out consultations, pay the costs of volunteer photographers who prepare visual material (e.g. transport), and buy advertising to promote the campaign.

The other administrative costs

We use the funds to pay for accounting services, employee salaries and competency development, as well as website maintenance.

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