In order to spread the plant-based message as widely as possible, we are always looking for attractive ways for the public and businesses to get involved. We are currently running two campaigns related to plant-based food - NORI GALI and ČIA GALI.


is a campaign promoting plant-based nutrition. Its purpose is to introduce everyone to the benefits of plant-based nutrition, to encourage them to choose plant-based food more often and to help them not get lost on the way to developing new habits. An integral part of the campaign is a 22-day vegan challenge that not only provides information, but also invites community participation. Changing habits is easier in a group of like-minded people!

Get to know plant-based nutrition practically:


is a restaurant outreach campaign, uniting restaurants which offer plant-based dishes. Its goal is to encourage as many restaurants as possible to include plant-based dishes in their menus, to replace animal-based ingredients with alternatives that are friendlier to animals and the environment. We advise restaurants on plant-based nutrition and promote them to the society.

Find the nearest restaurant that serves plant-based food:

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