Meda Šermukšne


Urtė Ramšaite

Communication project manager

Aistė Aužbikavičiūtė

Restaurant outreach campaign manager

Austėja Vakrinaitė

Vegan Challenge Coordinator

Vincas Jurgutis

Institutional changes coordinator

Šarūnas Klenauskas

V-Label Project Manager

Goda Pranytė

Fundraising and HR specialist

Co-founders and members of the Board

Mykolas Šermukšnis


Maria Jure

Co-founder and chairman of the board

Meda Šermukšne

Co-founder and member of the Board

Tomas Bychkov

Co-founder and member of the Board

Greta Lenartavičiūtė

Member of the Board

Lukas Jasiunas

Member of the Board


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