Why should you support us?

  • We are the only organization in Lithuania that aims to increase the availability of plant-based food for the population of our country.
  • We contribute to solving a multi-layered problem: a plant-based diet is more climate neutral, more ethical for animals and can help improve human health.
  • We have a clear strategy to achieve our goals. You can find more about the organization's activities, strategy and directions for using funds in our Strategic plan.
  • We are transparent and always openly share what the collected funds were used for.

Together, let's make delicious, animal-friendly, sustainable and healthy plant-based food accessible to everyone!

Non-monetary support

We accept not only financial support but also services.

  • Do you conduct public surveys?
  • Do you provide advertising, programming, legal services?
  • Do you consult people about health, nutrition, environmental or similar topics?
  • Do you organize various trainings?
  • Do you want to support us with your services?

Let's talk:

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