What we do

Increasing the availability of plant-based nutrition is the key axis of "Gyvi gali" activity. As an organization, we aim to make delicious, animal-friendly, sustainable and healthy plant-based food accessible to everyone without barriers. We see this process in a complex way, and we strive for change by carrying out our activities in three main directions: educating the public, cooperating with businesses and promoting changes at the institutional level. The closely related and complementary directions of activity allow us to work more efficiently and form solid and long-term foundations of plant movement.

We also draw experience and inspiration from the international movement community, we are members of the European Vegetarian Union. We are also constantly in contact with organizations from other countries that pursue the same goals.


NORI GALI is a campaign promoting plant-based nutrition. Its purpose is to introduce everyone who wants to to the benefits of plant-based nutrition, to encourage them to choose plant-based food more often and to help them not get lost on the way to developing new habits.

An integral part of the campaign is an interactive 22-day program that not only provides information, but also invites community participation. Changing habits is easier in a group of like-minded people!

Get to know plant-based nutrition in practice: www.norigali.lt

with businesses

Plant-based food is a growing trend that is rapidly transforming the food industry. The supply of plant-based products is growing worldwide, and Lithuania is no exception. More and more businesses are interested in manufacturing or importing alternative plant-based products. 

Does your company also believe that plant-based food is the future? Or maybe you would like to introduce more sustainable products into your range, but do not know where to start? 

We communicate and collaborate with businesses, helping them reach their target audience with joint projects promoting plant-based foods.

Do not hesitate to contact [email protected], and let’s discuss your plans, different options and how we could help you reach your goals.
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