What we do

How do we achieve our goals?

Increasing the accessibility of plant-based nutrition is the core activity axis of “Gyvi Gali”. We see this process holistically, and we strive for change by carrying out our activities in three main directions: educating the public, cooperating with businesses, and promoting changes at the institutional level. These closely related and complementary lines of activities allow us to work more efficiently. To learn more about our Theory of Change, read our Strategic plan.

Public Education

The concept of a ​​plant-based diet is still very new in Lithuania with no unified movement or organizations working towards a public nutritional change. For this reason, there is a lack of reliable information about the principles and benefits of plant-based nutrition in the country, and various myths are still prevalent. To promote plant-based nutrition, we understand that first we must form and consolidate a favorable public attitude. We do this through education - learning about foods that are more favorable to animals, the climate, and personal health encourages us to make personal dietary changes and accept market innovations more openly.

Working with businesses

Businesses are vital players in increasing the accessibility of plant-based foods. They not only have great resources to disseminate information but also the power to shape consumer needs. The more plant-based products/dishes there are in the marketplace, the more the social pressure to eat animal food diminishes and the vegan diet is normalized. For these reasons, we are constantly looking for opportunities to cooperate with businesses: creating joint projects promoting plant-based food, looking for ways to reach the target audience, etc. Currently, we are the only organization in Lithuania that actively consults companies on plant-based issues and encourages them to get involved in popularizing vegan nutrition.

Institutional changes

The state strongly subsidizes animal farmers, thus creating unfavorable conditions for existing and prospective plant-based food producers and suppliers. At the same time, the basis of catering in public institutions (schools, kindergartens, hospitals, the army, etc.) is almost exclusively animal product-based dishes. Such circumstances become a big obstacle for society to transition smoothly to a plant-based diet. Therefore, it is our goal that plant-based food businesses have favorable development opportunities with the support of state institutions. At the same time, the users of public services can choose healthy, high-quality, and diverse plant-based food.

Other project activities

In addition to our main activities, we are happy to implement project activities supported by the state or the European Union. With their help, we raise the competence of our employees, implement activities related to the previously mentioned directions of the organization's activities, and pay the necessary administrative or activity implementation costs. More about implemented projects you can read HERE.

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