What we do

Every day we try to come up with ways to help as many animals as we can. We know that many of them suffer in a variety of areas designed to meet human needs (laboratories, circuses, the clothing industry, zoos, hunting, and more). However, the vast majority of animals are consumed for food each year. Plant-based food is not only an animal-friendly alternative, but also contributes to solving the climate crisis and can improve your health!

“Gyvi gali” encourages people to leave animals outside their plate and help the animals, the planet and their health in this way. We promote plant-based nutrition and strive to make it as accessible and understandable as possible for anyone who wants to change their habits.


22 days - 22 delicious discoveries! That is how we introduce people to plant-based nutrition, its advantages and show how to avoid common mistakes. We know what it means to try to change our habits, so we’re ready to help make the transition as smooth as possible. 

We do not only provide participants with many recipes and tips, but also invite you to join the community of participants, where we create a supportive, friendly and cozy atmosphere. 

In this campaign we colaborate with various specialists - chefs, nutritionists, animal welfare specialists and long-term vegans!

Are you ready for your plant-based journey? 

Join us: Norigali.lt

with businesses

Plant-based food is a growing trend that is rapidly transforming the food industry. The supply of plant-based products is growing worldwide, and Lithuania is no exception. More and more businesses are interested in manufacturing or importing alternative plant-based products. 

Does your company also believe that plant-based food is the future? Or maybe you would like to introduce more sustainable products into your range, but do not know where to start? 

We communicate and collaborate with businesses, helping them reach their target audience with joint projects promoting plant-based foods.

Do not hesitate to contact [email protected], and let’s discuss your plans, different options and how we could help you reach your goals.