Top 10 of the greenest cities according to Happy Cow


International platform at the beginning of the year Happy Cow announced the 10 most plant-based cities, distinguished not only by the abundance of vegan cafes, but also by plant-based businesses, the activity of the vegan community and other criteria. We look forward to presenting this top ten to you as well. 

1. London

London, takes the top spot in the global arena of herbal options. There are currently 161 fully vegan restaurants in central London, over 350 establishments (including but not limited to restaurants) and 1,997 Happy Cow listings (marked vegan friendly places). There is a lot of plant buzz here, both at advertising stands and at vegan events or fairs.

2. Berlin

Berlin is the second friendliest in terms of plant-based options. There are currently 124 vegan restaurants in the city center. Kebabs, sushi, Korean and Vietnamese flavors or even their dishes fine dining dinner the choices turn heads.

3. Barcelona

Barcelona takes the third place and is by far the fastest growing city in terms of vegetation. Compared to 2022, the growth of vegan-friendly businesses jumped up to 173 %. Currently, you can find as many as 58 completely plant-based restaurants in the Catalan capital. 

4. Amsterdam

Amsterdam maintains stable growth and a strong fourth position. Currently, you can find as many as 67 vegan restaurants and 107 establishments in the city center. If we could teleport to one of them - it would definitely be "Have A Rollbakery.

5. Hamburg

Hamburg, making its debut in the top 10 of plant cities for the first time, can enjoy an increase of even 55 % compared to last year. There is an increasing interest and choice not only in the plant-based food sector, but also in vegan businesses. Here you will find even hairdresser, which uses only vegan products.

6. Portland

Portland is one of America's premier plant-based hubs, with 53 all-vegan restaurants, 102 establishments, and 574 vegan-friendly options at Happy Cow. Here you will find interesting seasonal restaurants and even a vegan karaoke bar and vegetable cheese shop.

7. Los Angeles

Los Angeles maintains a strong seventh position despite the decline in plant businesses in recent years -27 %. The city offers 61 vegan restaurants and even has a vegan one wine bar, as well as several places where regular plant festivals and fairs take place. 

8. Paris

Paris is a city that offers more and more plant-based options every year, not just in restaurants. There are a lot of plant-based zero waste shops here, which are relevant not only for local people, but also for tourists.

9. Bangkok

They say: if you haven't tasted Thai food in Bangkok, the capital of the "Land of Smiles", you can't say you've tasted it at all. Rapid growth is visible there: as many as 12 % in vegan businesses and 17 % in the selection of vegan-friendly options.

10. Lisbon

Lisbon is another Top 10 debut for Happy Cow. A city with a surprising range of plant-based food, with as many as 37 vegan restaurants. The growing interest and supply of plant-based options reinforces Lisbon as an optimal travel destination.


All of the cities listed have a strong support and deeper understanding of the vegan movement. In the Gyvi Gali organization, we work diligently to make these ideas take root in Lithuania. It is true that, although the cities of our country have not claimed the Happy Cow 10-tuk yet, there are already quite a few choices of plant-based dishes in cafes. You will find them in our campaigns HERE YOU CAN on the site. Delicious discoveries!


The text was prepared by Roberta Jasmontaitė



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