Sustainable Christmas gift choices


What could be better than a thoughtful, cozy gift? A gift that's also pet-friendly!

It is a pleasure to receive and give such gifts. If you are still looking for something to cheer up your loved ones on the occasion of the holidays, use the ideas offered by "Gyvi gali".

Edible gifts

You will probably agree that one of the most important elements of a gift is the feeling it gives. Perhaps you want to instill a childlike carelessness in a loved one? Then playful plants deserve your attention You You lollipops Or are you looking for winter coziness? Be sure to look around Pura Vida quality cocoa and Ah collections of handmade vegan chocolates.  

For guests traveling, we recommend ordering meals from Hooligans. Here you will find a wide selection of plant-based cakes, cookies and other desserts. And you certainly won't be asking for the iconic Panettone, which you can buy in a vegan version Bottlery.

The cold season is inseparable from goodies in jars. And we are not talking about jams! Surprise your loved ones with a Korean gift Delta nutrition kimchi And if you're aiming for the ranks of sweet tooths, take a look at Butter buttered nut creams.


Spending time with family or friends in a favorite cafe is a particularly pleasant experience. Give it as a gift! 

Coupons are offered by three of our beloved and time-tested places. It's a plant-based food heaven Rosehip Vegan Bistro, vegan dessert bar Chaika and a vegetarian (almost vegan) cafe Place.


In the category of gifts with lasting value, books are undoubtedly the leader. Those interested in animal rights will love it Animal liberation or Letters to a vegetarian son, oh for those who like to cook - Vegans for a week.

Supporters of a sustainable lifestyle will be delighted to receive a set of reusable bags made from recycled textiles. You will find one Green message in the online store.

Another meaningful gift idea is support! Choose organizations that are close in value to your loved one. If animal welfare, plant-based nutrition or environmental topics resonate, you can support us.


Finally, I would like to remind you that gifts are just symbols. Communication and time together are the most important part of the holiday season. We wish you that!

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